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Ultra High Pressure Process
Disinfect &


Woman opening a stinky trash can isolated on white background
  • Your trash bins really stink

  • Harmful bacteria grows on your bins

  • Bugs & nuisance wildlife are attracted to the debris left in your trash bins

  • Cleaning them yourself is a pain & makes a mess in your street

Disinfected & Sanitized

Your bins are clean &
smell great

Complete Cleaning Solution

No mess left in your street & no supplies to clean up

Eco-Friendly Process

Ultra high-pressure treatmentuses minimal water

You Want It To Be Easy To Disinfect & Deodorize Your Trash Bins

We can help.

We know that you want a disinfected, debris-free trash bin - but you don't want to clean it yourself.

Let us do the "dirty work" of keeping your trash bins looking and smelling great.

Here's How We Do It


The day following your trash pick up, our bin disinfecting & cleaning truck comes to your house.


Our cleaning process begins with an exterior scrub of your bin, followed by an ultra high-pressure interior wash with our proprietary cleaning system that uses sanitizing hot water and our eco-friendly cleaning solution to disinfect the inside.


Your fully cleaned and deodorized bin is placed curbside - smelling great!


What an awesome service! Our bins are sanitized and cleaned regularly with no more unpleasant smell or residue. They offer various packages, which are all affordable and so worth it! So glad I found this company.
I can’t say enough good things about Hampton Roads Clean Bins! After their services, 15 years of grime, muck, and smell were eliminated from my trash and recycling bins. That cleanliness is now maintained by our monthly service. Our bins look brand new and smell lemony fresh. Sign up today, you will be amazed with the results!
Very pleased with their customer service and the quality work they do. I have two trash cans and one recycling bin. They came by and cleaned the two trash cans last Friday as scheduled but the recycling hadn’t been picked up yet. I saw the truck drive by again later that afternoon to clean the recycling bin and it still was full and hadn’t been picked up. The driver left since he couldn’t do it but came back again the next day to clean the recycling bin!! That is top notch service! I couldn’t be more please with Hampton Roads clean bins!
My trash can and two recycling bins were disgusting and needed to be cleaned. I found Hampton Roads Clean Bins online. The site said that they will come out once a month or quarter and clean them for me. The subscription was easy to sign up for and I got notification via text and email they were going to show up the following day to clean. Last week was my 3rd month that they have been cleaned and I am pleased so far with the results.
I went out of the box for my husband’s Christmas present this year- I got this service for him. After years of him cleaning our bins every month I thought this would be a welcome surprise. He was thrilled with the service. Our cans are so clean & actually smell good. Such a great idea and so easy to deal with this company. I highly recommend them